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Hazmat Bonded Meltblown (SM) Pads & Rolls

Our Bonded Meltblown (SM) sorbents are constructed with 2 layers of polypropylene— spunbond/meltblown. Bonded Meltblown (SM) pads and rolls share the same features as our dimpled meltblown pads and rolls, plus an extra layer of spunbond polypropylene that is bonded to the top to make the pads and rolls low-linting on one side and highly absorbent on the opposite side. The bonding process increases the strength and durability of the pads and rolls so they can be perforated like a paper towel. Perforations will help reduce waste and allow you to use the exact amount needed for the job. These pads and rolls are the best of both worlds—the lint-free top sheet side can be used to clean and wipe tanks, tools, walls, etc. without leaving a mess, but you also can use the meltblown side for quick absorption of fluids.